Prime Coat waterproofing

A Unique formulation Impregnation Prime Coat is a single component primer coat, acts as a primer as well as binder over the plastered surfaces. Seals all pores thus, reducing the porosity of the surface.

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  • Easy to apply by brush or spray or roller.
  • – Excellent base coat for plastered surfaces.
  • – Increases the coverage by 20% to 30%.
  • – Does not crack, spall, peel or disintegrate;
  • – excellent flexibility.
  • – Resistant to the wide range of temperature.
  • – Can be used on the wet surface.
  • – The coating will allow the surface to breathe.
  • – Excellent water repellency
  • – Excellent resistant to UV radiation.
  • – Resistant to moss and fungus.
  • – Tough and scratch proof.
  • – Prevent leakage or seepage completely.
  • – Enhances life of structure by virtue of excellent water repellant properties of the polymer coating.

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ADHERE BONDS – IPC can be applied before all types of Waterproof coating and Water base Interior/Exterior Protective / Decorative Coatings.

Clean the surface to remove all loose particle and any deleterious matter. Repairs all cracks, honeycombs and blemishes from the concrete surface. Brush-apply ADHERE BONDS – IPC on the entire surface liberally.