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ADHERE BOND 007 – White, Polymer modified, cement-based wall and floor tile adhesive suitable for fixing tiles and natural stones in interior / exterior use, including swimming pools.

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Surfaces to be tiled must be dry and fully cured, clean and free from all contamination. Existing unglazed ceramic tiles, vitrified & fully vitrified tiles, terrazzo and natural stone should be firmly bonded and any hollow or defective areas should be cut out and made good.

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This will depend on the nature and flatness of the surface and the method of application, but at 3 mm thickness, it is approximately 3.5 Kg/m² when using a solid-bed trowel. For good coverage, it is vitally important that all surfaces should be clean, smooth, plumb, level and free from defects and undulations.

Grouting should not be carried out for at least 24 hours. Use ADHERE BOND CTG (Cementitious grout) and ADHERE BOND ETG (Epoxy grout) for grouting.