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Concrete Bonding Agent

SBR is styrene-butadiene rubber latex which has been specifically designed for use with cement compositions. It can be used as bonding coats, prior to application of renders, plasters or screeds.
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  • – Excellent bond strength.
  • – Resistant to water vapor and water penetration.
  • – Highly recommended for repairs and rehabilitation of structures.

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ADHERE BONDS – SBR used for repairing concrete elements like beams, columns and slabs, abrasion resistant flooring and lining effluent tanks and tubes.

It is preferable to cure ADHERE BONDS – SBR modified mortars as soon as they are laid to prevent rapid evaporation of water essential for hydration. This can be achieved by using polythene, damp hessian, or a suitable concrete curing membrane.,PACKING:-1, 5, 25, 50, 200 Kgs.

ADHERE BONDS – SBR when incorporated into cement mortar mixes forms polymer modified the system with interpenetrating polymer films which exhibits excellent adhesion, improved tensile, flexural and compressive strengths and improved chemical resistance.