Adhere Cryst

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AQUALASTIC Polymer modified, Cementitious, Waterproofing Coating System which forms a highly elastic water impermeable membrane. It consists of a liquid and powder when mixed together forms an easily brushable coating.

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  • – Having high penetration in concrete and it seals capillary tracts.
  • – Much compatible with the potable water.
  • – Suitable for external and internal applications.
  • – No chloride content.
  • – Highly resistive to chemical attack of sewage and industrial wastes.

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For waterproofing against the positive or negative sides of hydrostatic heads of water, for damp proofing, repairing cracks, plugging holes, sealing wall – floor joints, stopping active leaks, terrace garden, balconies, sunshades, roofs, sunken slabs, industrial and office buildings, reservoirs, water holding structures etc.

ADHERE CRYST application must be kept moist for a minimum of 48 hours. After initial set, moist curing, using continuous water spray is recommended. Treated surfaces shall be fog sprayed 3 to 4 times daily for 48 hours period. For warmer climates, more frequent spraying may be required. It is important to keep the ADHERE CRYST moist to allow the crystal formation to occur.,PACKING:-25 kg bags.