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ENLOC is an additive for grout and concrete which helps in counteracting initial shrinkage in the cement grout. It enables the production of cement grout with the reduced water-cement ratio.

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  • – Non-metallic.
  • – Permanent expansion.
  • – Suitable for any consistency – earth dry to free flow.
  • – High compressive and bond strength.
  • – Reduced creep and no shrinkage.
  • – Resistance to frost and fire damage.
  • – Dimensional stability.
  • – No plastic settlement.

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– Ideal additive to cement to produce non-shrink grout.
– In pre-stressing and post-tensioning applications without fear of corrosion of tendons.
– For floor patching, joining of prefabricated units and bonding new to old concrete.

– It is advisable to pre-mix ADHERE ENLOC to dry cement – sand mix and the mix is added to the mixing drum containing the measured quantity of water.
– Mixing is to be carried out for 3-4 minutes for effective dispersion of the additive. To ensure the grout does not contain lumps, it is suggested to sieve the slurry.

The basic characteristic of cement, which causes it to shrink, is a drawback in many applications, for e.g. grouting. The traditional means of correcting this effect has been utilizing the expansive property of certain metallic powers like Iron and Aluminium, either oxidation or gas formation causing the expansion to counter shrinkage. Both systems have their own disadvantages. ADHERE ENLOC produces a nonshrink grout free from all side effects.